Is Newark’s Housing Study Catering to Special Interests?

100_3517We have experienced many changes in Newark, including the expansion of student housing into our neighborhoods. These trends are affecting our quality of life and the cost of housing in our community.

Newark’s City Council has dramatically expanded its approval of new rental housing projects. So far this year, Newark approved at least 478 new apartment units. That is about the same amount as the total for the past 12 years combined (482 units).

What is the impact of this rapid development of student rentals, and of the housing market in general, on our community?

The City of Newark is about to embark upon a study to evaluate housing needs, with special emphasis on rental housing and student housing. The outcome of this study will likely shape housing policy for years to come.

A steering committee has been appointed by city staff to direct the housing study, which includes special interest groups, but does not adequately represent members of communities impacted by student housing.

We ask Newark to engage in an open, transparent and fair review process in the housing study, and to include community members on the steering committee. Doing so will benefit neighborhoods across Newark.

Will you help?

NAACP Newark Chapter

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